Saturday, 24 May 2014

Our Treasured Pony

The story of Beauty


Mikaela and Beauty at a Tewantin Gymkhana

Beauty was a member of our family for over ten years. She was a gentle pony who had done it all. From pony club musters to gymkhanas, state events and her favorite, cross country. She never fussed and loved nothing more than to amble off to pony club or a gymkhana with her best mate Jade. The thing I remember most was the way she used to yawn just before being saddled up.

Carlee and Beauty after winning a cross country event at Caloundra

Beauty loved all events but was especially good at cross country as she was a plodder and never refused anything. She was ridden first by Carlee and later Mikaela. It is easy to chuckle about now but the first gymkhana Mikaela attended on Beauty as an 8yo I think ended with Mikaela taken away in an ambulance because Beauty wanted to go round that corner a little too quick- all was ok just a little damaged pride. Our three girls loved nothing more than to groom and spoil the horses in our back paddock. Pony Club quickly became a way of life and at one stage poor old dad was even the club president. Many great friendships were made and last to this day. 

Winning is always good but the friendships horses have given us will always top the list

To the horror of a lot of kids at school it was nothing for us to be out of bed at 5am on a Sunday morning preparing for another eventful gymkhana. Many a ribbon was won. Many a memory created. I would like to add at this point that although horse riding is often called dangerous, during our many years no rider or horse was ever seriously injured. I think we were blessed with the horses we had over the years.

Carlee and Beauty at the Nambour Show

Beauty brought a great amount of joy to everyone she came in contact with. She had taught a great many young kids to ride. She was always a pleasure to transport and had the patience of an ox. Food was one of her greatest pastimes.

 Finding out she had started to develop cancer and arthrities in her joints was one of my darkest days. We made sure Beauty enjoyed her last few years with her mates and the the family that loved her dearly. She is sadly missed but we all hold the memories very close and thank her for allowing us to be a part of her very special life.

As a final note I would like to thank our fantastic vet Tony who watched over Beauty for those final years. When others wanted her put down he assured me she was in no pain and would be happy for a few more years wandering around with her best mate jade.

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